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Rates previously paid are a deposit to secure the date and time and for you to secure 2 to 3 clutches in advance. If the event coordinators guest count is less than what was written, the event coordinator is responsible for the group rate difference. Adult Group Rates: 10 or more $5 off per person ($45), 20 or more $7 off per person($43), 30 or more $10 off per person ($40) Children Group Rates: 10 or more $2 off per person, 20 or more $3 off per person 30 or more $4 off per person. Deposits based on group capacity. Taxes are included.
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VPOCCASIONS. You will receive unlimited printed photos with them for $150 an hour. They will customize your experience by giving you a personalized border for your printed photos, concierge during your session and an unforgettable experience
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