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Meet The CCC

Clutch-Couture Curator Melissa Taylor

Clutch Couture Curator, Melissa Taylor, is determined to expose Queens to a whole new world of Clutches ! An art enthusiast and fashionista at heart, Melissa has found a unique and exciting way to allow a collision of both Art and Fashion to take place with women’s clutches!

In a perfect world, Melissa would love for us to throw away the idea that clutches are old-fashioned or that they can only be worn to classy events. She has singlehandedly reinvented clutches into wearable art, they are now masterpieces that women can wear with their everyday outfits.

Melissa plans to continue to remind women of their royalty and empower them to be their own creators through this one of a kind experience. There is no other experience like “The Clutch Bar” and Melissa has made a commitment to continue to saturate the painting business with this new exciting spin on wearable art. 

Melissa has made Clutch Couture and The Clutch Bar a household name. In just under a year, Melissa has opened a store front in the heart of Miami Gardens and has also been featured on the well renowned, Deco Drive, Channel 7 News. She has curated several successful collaborated events, sold out at many pop up shops, and has attended countless festivals exposing her brand to the world. With her business not even being a year old, she has even garnered accolades by receiving an “Entrepreneur of The Year Award”. Some women fear the fire and other women simply become it, Melissa Taylor has simply BECOME! 

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